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Whose (burnt) car is this? And who moves it?

I’m sure every car has an owner, the premium paying person who will suffer loss if the car is involved in some accident.

But what happens if the car gets burnt? And what if the insurance cover is the minimum(3rd party insurance) that does not cover fire, theft etc.

if the above is true:

Seeing this burnt car makes me want to know who owns it (after it is burnt). [Debate for the legal brains]
Whose responsibility is it to move this burnt car?

1.The (former) owner who cannot make an insurance claim for a replacement and effectively doesn’t own a car?

2. The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), whose duty it is to keep Accra clean?

3. Motor Transport and Traffic Union (MTTU) who make sure motor traffic is safe on our roads?

4. Ghana Police who make sure law and order is maintained?

Just go have a look-see at this burnt car at Abeka Lapaz, Accra. It has done a week now, I’m sure you might find it next week, until hopefully a scrap dealer does everyone a favour (saves us from possible accidents, excessive traffic jams) and tows it off.


Is it a coincidence that 3 mobile communication companies umbrellas (MTN & Vodafone) and light box (GLO) can be seen in the background? Read THE MOBILE BRANDALISM OF GHANA

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“Driver drop me, driver drop me!”

I don’t know why I haven’t written this loooonnng ago? Come to think of it I got the moxie to do this Trotro Drama blog after witnessing this incident.

After queuing for what seemed like forever at the 37 station to catch a bus home and sitting through one of the worst traffic jams in this part of the Sahara, my ever wandering mind couldn’t resist coming up the next bad scenario to cap it all.

—what if this bus starts overheating? or the clutch burned?

—what if the engine died and the bus has to be pushed?

All the above were possibilities if you’ve had some experience with trotros and the conditions were right; grinding bumper to bumper traffic tend to expose these weak vehicles.

Thankfully non of these things happened, actually, my luck got better. I got a private show of sorts.

This dude sitting next to me has been sleeping all through the trip and suddenly roused, looking out of the bus bewilderingly in search of a landmark to orient himself. Squinting hard but still unsuccessfully he called out to the mate sitting 45 degrees behind him and this conversation ensued:

Passenger: Mate! Mate! are we at Achimota yet?

Mate: We pass Achimota

Passenger: Didn’t I tell you I’ll drop off at Achimota? You took Achimota fare and you forgot to tell me when we got to Achimota

Mate: Why you blame me? [aside] He want insult me and if I insult am some, he go say mate people be bad

Passenger: Because it is your job

Mate: You pay only transportation, now you dey bed, why me I no sabey sleep some?

[This exchange happened within a space of a minute] [I’m smiling to myself all through the exchange]

I could hear the passenger’s mind ticking in contemplation of whether to get off at Lapaz or midway.


The passenger blurts out “DRIVER DROP ME, DRIVER DROP ME” [drawing everyone’s attention as the driver pulls over]

He mutters and shakes his head as he gets down, “Can’t people sleep on the bus anymore?”

[All the passengers burst into laughter]

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