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Of a mad man – Ken Agyapong, a twitter bully and the invisible hand of 2012 election connecting them

So I am minding my business as a student and thinking of internships and finals and the coming summer break…

..but here I am blogging about Ghana not because I am feeling nostalgic about a Ghanaian Easter/ Christmas and Azonto dance moves and the things that make me proud to be a Ghanaian but contemplating the implications of Ken Agyapong’s ‘declaration of war‘ in response to allegations of minors registering for the upcoming presidential elections in Ghana.

Arrogance, ignorance and money make for a bad combination in a culture where rich people are celebrated and vested with power. To even read that some persons besieged the Ghana Police Headquarters to demand the release of Ken Agyapong beats my wildest imaginations. I wonder if they understood Ken’s call for people to butcher others with machetes? and what misery a war can bring.

Most NPP politicians have decidedly kept quiet or risen to Ken’s defense or try to dampen the severity of his call for war. How can such a graphic call to war involving slashing fellow Ghanaians with machetes be explained away as ‘metaphorical’ and with no bad intentions? Counsel to Ken or no, Atta Akyea just lost all the respect I had for him as an educated gentleman and lawyer.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”

I applaud all who have roundly called Ken Agyapong’s outburst for what it is and Ghanaian artistes for their quick response and attempt to use social media to call for peace albeit wrongly targeted. The general populace who listen to Ken’s radio are not your usual twitter/facebook fans. Get your music together and do a peace concert. Throw in some Azonto competition and defuse this Ken Agyapong madness.

In other remotely related happenings on twitter in Ghana:

I will decidedly not mention any twitter handles but I think that some celebs shouldn’t ask some persons to campaign for peace in Ghana. People follow people on twitter for different reasons just as houseflies will settle on pastries and cow dung. Point here is that because someone is popular on twitter for breaking gossip doesn’t mean they have legitimacy to ask people to take socially positive action.

“Adjapong might be right. If only NDC didnt allow Togolese people into the border to register to vote all this wont happen!”

The above is what you get. SMH..

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Ghana @ 55 – Ready for business

I am currently working with a couple of colleagues on a project about the business environment of Ghana to pitch to potential investors, well, classmates.

It is one of the highlights of my semester so far and as the date for presentation approaches I feel extra proud that my colleagues are genuinely sold on the huge opportunities for business in Ghana.

So I put up the draft presentation in celebration of Ghana’s 55th independence.

For students or business persons who do a lot of presentation, you will find that is a great presentation tool.

Please comment if you are not able to access my presentation.

Happy Independence Day! Happy Holiday!! I am proud to be a Ghanaian!!!

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Running a trotro business as a car-owner

This blog post is in response to a comment posted by a reader who wants to know how the private transportation business is run in Ghana. I hope my research was exhaustive enough and satisfies other readers who might be interested in running their own trotro businesses as car-owners.

The trotro business is a tough game; it tries the owner’s patience, negotiation skills and street-smartness as he tries to get the best financial benefit and road-life out of the bus. The search for a trustworthy and experienced driver is one huge hurdle one has to surmount in this business. Identifying which route to ply one’s trade often lies in the hands of the owner but can also directly impacts the search for a driver, where the bus will ‘sleep’ after a day on the road among other things.

During a good stretch of time, daily sales (the money the trotro driver brings back after every day of work) comes in with no excuses of vehicular breakdowns. Sometimes the driver makes close to half of what they have to pay to their car-owners and is responsible for paying his mate and providing for his lunch.

Typically, when a car-owner is giving a ‘new’ car to a trotro driver, he fills the tank of the bus in order to give the driver a head start. It is normal that the trotro driver fills up the tank when quitting. But to avoid any disputes over how much fuel cost at the time the driver started working with the bus and when he finally quit, some car-owners expect that the trotro driver brings the bus back to their premises with fuel tank filled every evening.

A car-owner can and should institute a time for the bus to be brought back home for parking; 8pm is the usual set time. However, one should be highly tolerant of early morning calls, usually between 5am and 6am to hand over the car keys to the trotro driver to start the day. The early morning trips are good [money making hours] for the trotro drivers because the roads are much freer; please don’t mess with your trotro driver when it comes to releasing the keys.

For trotros in all cases but only in few cases for taxis, they are registered at a bus-station where the bus will be stationed, plying a specific route. It is often at the station that the owner is informed of the fixed market sales that that type of bus makes a day. The factors range from number of seats, whether the bus has air-conditioning, the [distance of the] route it plies and other on-board services like on-bus entertainment. The station is run by a union (under the umbrella of Ghana Private Road Transport Union GPRTU) and as such car-owners meet periodically.

Sundays are often the only days that most trotro drivers take some rest, other than those expect them to work on holidays (except Christmas) and weekends. At the end of the month, the car-owner pays the trotro driver a salary equivalent to 2 days sales and the cycle goes on.

But no, something’s got to give whenever things are going smoothly and that is often the genesis and root of most of the problems that car-owners have with trotro drivers and vice versa.

Out of the blue, the car-owner gets a call that the car is broken down at Kaneshie. Same call could have come from your driver at an accident scene; one he might be responsible for causing or not. And definitely it is normal in this line of business to have to go see one’s driver behind police cells/ counter-back or stand by him in a law court for some violation of traffic rules. It is all in the day of a trotro driver and the car-owner.

For relatively new buses, car-owner hardly anticipate a break in the sales until they get a call one day that the bus is broken down. But for old buses, a typical car-owner prays that whatever breaks down on the bus is nothing [major] that cannot be fixed in a day.

Usually after a rapid succession of break downs followed by massive spending eating into the trotro’s savings accounts, trotros begin to break down often. It is at this point that trotro drivers get the room to swindle their car-owners.

One trick is that the trotro driver works to about noon and then calls the car-owner that the bus is broken down or that since morning the car has been over-floating (an old excuse from back in the carburetor days) or overheating, torn exhaust pipe or some other mechanical fault as such business hasn’t been good so the trotro is undergoing repairs at the shop. What this implies is that the little money the trotro driver made till then will be used to pay for repairs and therefore there will be no sales for the day.

Some car-owners have been known to ask their drivers to repair buses with their own money and often do not pay the money back. Others have been accused of bullying the drivers by accusing them of being the cause of a mechanical problem or used the fact that the trotro driver would soon be poor if the bus is not on the road to coerce them to repair any faults.

What is hard for most car-owners is when they get calls of arrest of their trotro drivers after they are caught overloaded, jumping the red light or not observing some other road/ traffic rule in a zone where they don’t ply and not expected to be.

The trotro driver doesn’t mind overloading the bus to the point where the exhaust pipe scrapes the road. If given the chance to take the bus to their homes, they will [somehow manage to] work late into the night to make money for themselves whiles stressing the trotro’s engine. And don’t think it is beyond a trotro driver to give the bus to a colleague (spare driver) who probably has no valid license when they get tired during the day.

It takes more than money to run this business; it takes a hard-nosed business man with lots of understanding of how trotro drivers think and ever ready to bark instructions or threaten termination to run this business successfully.

But whiles the trotro driver tries to swindle his car-owner, the trotro mate also tries to pilfer from the fares that should go to the driver. There’s some justice in this trotro business after all.

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The Odorkor Trotro

I have always known this type bus as the Odorkor bus and it is pretty easy to understand why and how it is got that name. I will try to answer the why and how that name in no particular order and discuss if they are still relevant on the road.

You only find these buses stationed in Odorkor and ply only the Odorkor to Kaneshie and Odorkor to Kwame Nkrumah Circle routes. They are so specialized/predictable that you can jump on any one of them without thinking twice if your destination is anywhere between Circle/Kaneshie to Odorkor.
What you’ll find interesting about these buses is the fact that they’re never stopped by the police or MTTU (motor traffic and transport unit). Chances are you’re likely to find them ‘stopped’ by a mechanical fault than a police and if you have ever ridden on one you will wonder how they renew their road worthiness certificates. You can call them the most deadbeat buses in Accra or Ghana, save for the Korle Gonno bus (for another blog post) or the occasional village bus driven and maintained by the same person; its driver and mechanic.

Now to answer the why part; why Odorkor-bus? Because no one can be bothered to remember or pronounce or call them by their right names; the Willowbrook bus! You’ll occasionally find the name Willowbrook on the back or front of one of the Odorkor buses as proof of their brand name but count yourself lucky if the driver of same bus understands that you’re referring to his bus when you mention Willowbrook. Another Ghanaian moment! No love for long, tongue-twisting English words here!! No sir.

Did you know they are also called Space Buses? A name that represents the spacious alleys in these kind of buses than anything else. I hope this info makes it into the Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy!

One thing I ask myself when I see them on the road is; are these buses still relevant? And sadly, I always come to the same one answer, Yes-and-No. Who am I to determine that? I am just a spectator and I think I can put forward an observation.

Arguments for Odorkor buses –

1. These buses are run like any government run public transport system; people are allowed to stand in them, so they carry lots of passengers during rush-hour.

2. They make so many stops between Odorkor and Kaneshie/Circle that there is no [long stretch of road] over-speeding.

3. They are less likely to be involved in accidents mainly because of Point 2 above and also because they have very weak engines which cannot top 100km/h as a general rule.

Arguments against Odorkor buses –

1. These buses are the most unsightly to ply some of the busiest routes in the capital; they definitely take away from the beauty of Accra.

2. These buses smoke the most and pose the most health hazard to passengers and other road users.

3.They slow down traffic considerably because they stop at every conceivable junction and travel at very slow speeds.

the 'homemade' dashboard of a willowbrook bus

Whiles they are most likely to have poor lights, no working wipers and bad brakes it still confounds me how they have road worthy certificates.

Can the government or private sector invest in better, safer buses that will replace these Odorkor buses? Maybe that is all they are waiting for; a new generation of better and safer public transport buses to continue the tradition that Willowbrook buses have maintained all these years.

Till then, whenever I hear the mate of an Odorkor bus shout for passengers, all I hear is ‘passenger beware’.

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Ghanaian movies & ‘their’ music videos…

Artist: Shegee

Song: Shame

I’m sure some of you have seen this song?(music video) or a similar one on Crystal? TV and I’m certain most of you cannot even remember the chorus to the song.

I like innovation, heck, I like (doing) new things…but the NEW!! trend of advertising Ghanaian movies by releasing a music video is a sorry attempt at selling or marketing.

These music videos are poorly written, poorly sang, poorly directed and poorly produced. They simply reek of poor quality and they are flooding our TV sets and wasting our precious family times behind the set.

You know the music video falls within this category when you see these:


1. Unknown artists eg. Sheege

2. Cheesy and poorly sang verses

3. Easily Forgettable Choruses

4. Excerpts of the movie playing in the music video


Bad songs like these do not deserve the attention or airtime they get, no wonder they never make it onto any nomination or awards list.

Methinks these songs do not represent Ghana’s rich musical culture!!


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Whose (burnt) car is this? And who moves it?

I’m sure every car has an owner, the premium paying person who will suffer loss if the car is involved in some accident.

But what happens if the car gets burnt? And what if the insurance cover is the minimum(3rd party insurance) that does not cover fire, theft etc.

if the above is true:

Seeing this burnt car makes me want to know who owns it (after it is burnt). [Debate for the legal brains]
Whose responsibility is it to move this burnt car?

1.The (former) owner who cannot make an insurance claim for a replacement and effectively doesn’t own a car?

2. The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), whose duty it is to keep Accra clean?

3. Motor Transport and Traffic Union (MTTU) who make sure motor traffic is safe on our roads?

4. Ghana Police who make sure law and order is maintained?

Just go have a look-see at this burnt car at Abeka Lapaz, Accra. It has done a week now, I’m sure you might find it next week, until hopefully a scrap dealer does everyone a favour (saves us from possible accidents, excessive traffic jams) and tows it off.


Is it a coincidence that 3 mobile communication companies umbrellas (MTN & Vodafone) and light box (GLO) can be seen in the background? Read THE MOBILE BRANDALISM OF GHANA

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I hate ECG but MTN dey bore pass – Facebook Group

I was idling and doing my facebook time and chanced on this interesting Facebook Group – I hate ECG but MTN dey bore pass. Another Ghanaian moment right there!

What struck me as interesting was the number of people who had joined the group, the suggestions posted and what the group was evolving into.

With 2,233 Ghanaian facebookers having joined the group so far, I guess it can only get bigger and the comments will only get more interesting.

Using social networking as a Customer (Pressure) Group. SMART & Web 2.0-ish!

I hope these 2 companies and other such companies with huge customer base have social networking policies that are sensitive to what ‘friends’ discuss on facebook and twitter [in a seemingly light environment].

Below are a few comment copied verbatim from the I hate ECG but MTN dey bore pass Facebook Group.


THE FUNNY COMMENTS (everything below falls in the funny category as well)

– Like this if you agree the ‘Most Terrible Network should have been used as a chopbar >ll (MTN ASANKA) ll< Lool

– Sumtimes MTN do è whole GH juju.

– My question is why is it soooooooo difficult to just ‘forget’ and mix their SIM with tomatoes and put them in a blender?



– Dem give lyt off 4 ma hood wey BOIZ say dem dey go trash ECG 4dema office der. We catch der, AAAIII!!! ECG saf no get lyt lol #iSHOCK sef…[I don’t condone vandalism]

– “MTN ll collapse when Glo comes thats why they sabotaging them. For ECG, we ve got no option, so lets keep quiet and suffer.” [Note the quotation marks]

– If u got problems wif MTN jst hit me up i will show u guys sum trick….easy [a hacker or a trickster?]




– I just dont get the reson why plp ar stil usin MTN aaaaba…. [research shows that if 8 ‘important’ people in your life change their network, you might]


– ECG=Electricity Comes & Goes…………………….MTN=More Trouble Network

– MTN; “most troublesome network” or “ma t) nonsense” dem dew bore lyk s**t. 4 ECG F×@K dem.

– The Enemies of Comfortable Ghana saff dey bore, dem dey do lyt awt 5 tymz evridae 4 my hood (ECG)



– any tin for GH here dat hav G in it is a disaster, see GCB,GNPC,GBC,GPRTU,GTV,ECG mention de rest, & as for MTN God go purnish them.

– GCB. Ghana Concert Bank ADB.Agric destruction Bank.they only give loan to imported rice and cooking oil.




– even George Andah saf lef MTN 4 Zain, wat r u w8ng 4? Mawuma Trebor z abt 2 follow suit. Switch 2 Zain 4 jux a wk n u’ll see de difference.

– Lets create our own Electricity company..wat do u say? Lool yh i agree..we’ll use pure water to generate

– i cant wait 4 NCA to intro dat so kold numbr wat wat wat wher u can switch btwn netwrks anitym widout changin ur lyn or chip. glo too 4 hurry up oo… ah!

– The thought of the their slogan’everywhere u go’ even irritates me more,jux cnt wait 4 Glo.




– wat bank do u thnk Mtn wuld b if it was one? 2 me it’s Ghana Comm. Bank a.k.a ”We Serve U Bitters” or beta still “We Swerve U Better”.

– Mtn al queeda mpo y3. (Even Al Queeda is better than MTN)

– mtn has de fastest, best & cheapest browsing service in Gh [not all gloomy]



– ooECG u cnt even buy battery 4 u car…an ECG pickup is nt startn coz ov wik battery…so du u tink ECG will buy any new equipent 2 nhanz elek3cty sply or all ways tak pawa unanawzd.

– [ECG]Dem dey control our lyt like ibe traffic lyt.


I think it is apt to end with another comment


Social Networking does pack a punch (only if these companies will ever use them well, they will get closer to their clients and know what is going to hit them next).

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