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Twitter #Music brings iTunes, Rdio and Spotify together

It is called critical mass.

When you have critical mass you can pull off just about anything.

Who would have thought that competing music platforms like Apple iTunes would be playing nicely (no pun intended) with (streaming / digital music) newbies Spotify and Rdio?

Twitter‘s new service #music  – – just pulled off something many industry watchers didn’t even dare dream about in their best recording-studio-high moment.

How Twitter #Music works:

1. Users can  listen to a few seconds of the (Popular, Emerging, Suggested, Now Playing, Me) music through iTunes Preview

2. To play full tracks users can select Spotify or Rdio and link it to their Twitter #Music account.

After allowing Twitter to access your information, you go through the dialogue to sign into your Spotify [Premium] or Rdio account.

I think Rdio is going to emerge the winner out of this collaboration because unlike Spotify, you don’t require a premium account with Rdio to run your Twitter #Music application.

How does Twitter make money in this? Twitter users like us will now stay longer #scratchhair

Where does this leave Pandora?

Enjoy the visuals!

Landing page Play full track Rdio login 2 Rdio login 3 Rdio login 4 Rdio login Rdio play full track 2 Rdio Play full track Spotify login Spotify premium


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My favourite songs

The BoxerPaul Simon & Art Garfunkel – For that time in your life when you’re getting beat down!

I hope you dance – Le Ann Wormack – For being appreciative of the good things in life…the small things

Don’t let go – Bryan Adams & Sarah McLachlan – LOVE and why you won’t let go

I will remember you – Sarah McLachlan – Good times with good old friends. RIP Charles Anderson & Anthony Scragg

Heaven for Everyone/ Barcelona/ Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen/Freddy Mercury

Meko Mekrom – Ben Brako – Childhood memories (best of the 80s in Ghana)

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