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Whose (burnt) car is this? And who moves it?

I’m sure every car has an owner, the premium paying person who will suffer loss if the car is involved in some accident.

But what happens if the car gets burnt? And what if the insurance cover is the minimum(3rd party insurance) that does not cover fire, theft etc.

if the above is true:

Seeing this burnt car makes me want to know who owns it (after it is burnt). [Debate for the legal brains]
Whose responsibility is it to move this burnt car?

1.The (former) owner who cannot make an insurance claim for a replacement and effectively doesn’t own a car?

2. The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), whose duty it is to keep Accra clean?

3. Motor Transport and Traffic Union (MTTU) who make sure motor traffic is safe on our roads?

4. Ghana Police who make sure law and order is maintained?

Just go have a look-see at this burnt car at Abeka Lapaz, Accra. It has done a week now, I’m sure you might find it next week, until hopefully a scrap dealer does everyone a favour (saves us from possible accidents, excessive traffic jams) and tows it off.


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