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Ghanaian movies & ‘their’ music videos…

Artist: Shegee

Song: Shame

I’m sure some of you have seen this song?(music video) or a similar one on Crystal? TV and I’m certain most of you cannot even remember the chorus to the song.

I like innovation, heck, I like (doing) new things…but the NEW!! trend of advertising Ghanaian movies by releasing a music video is a sorry attempt at selling or marketing.

These music videos are poorly written, poorly sang, poorly directed and poorly produced. They simply reek of poor quality and they are flooding our TV sets and wasting our precious family times behind the set.

You know the music video falls within this category when you see these:


1. Unknown artists eg. Sheege

2. Cheesy and poorly sang verses

3. Easily Forgettable Choruses

4. Excerpts of the movie playing in the music video


Bad songs like these do not deserve the attention or airtime they get, no wonder they never make it onto any nomination or awards list.

Methinks these songs do not represent Ghana’s rich musical culture!!


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