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This Blog!

This Blog is run by me but can do with some guest contributors or a co-blogger.

This Blog is about trotros and public transportation but it has the right to stray every now and then.

This Blog is not licensed but if it were it’d be under Creative Commons.

This Blog is a product of Open Source writing and editing tools and hosted on an Open Source blogging portal.

This Blog is an avenue to let some of my creative juices flow, document my thoughts and try to capture the moment in words and pictures.

This Blog is meant for my consumption but I love you tagging along, your comments and will love a blog post suggestion from you.

This Blog is supposed to highlight how public transport can be fun, infuriating, counter-productive to Ghana’s development and even deadly.

This Blog is about users of public transportation: the driver and his mate, the passengers, the other road users and how they all interact.

This Blog is subject to change in focus because it is an extension of the owner’s ever-changing mind.

This Blog should be cut a slack sometimes, errors are solely the writer’s!



What does this blog mean to you?

What more can this blog be?

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