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‘LOL’ Abuse Alert!!

LOL has become my go-to word to cover all expressions of joy, laughter and smile on facebook and other social network sites I use.

Recently however, it occurred to me that I’ve been abusing it. I will be going back to using ‘hehehe’, ‘hahaha’ and occasionally and appropriately use you-know-what.

I bet I’m not the only one who is killing the LOL.


Someone posted something funny? Yes. Did you actually Laugh out Loud? No! Please don’t comment LOL.

If someone said something thought-provoking/ pithy and you commented with an LOL…you just abused LOL, just use SMH or ‘hehehe’.

If your friend post a picture of you sleeping in a trotro….by all means Laugh Out Loud!!

I try to remind myself every time I’m tempted to use LOL that it actually means Laughing Out Loud.

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