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The Last Bus aka The Last Trotro

The last bus is always an interesting one.

It is interesting in many ways.

The last-bus is even an event!

The last-bus is often not a ‘station’ bus but a mercenary-driver taking advantage of last batch of passengers at the station AND/ OR

The last-bus is always not a ‘station’ bus but a good Samaritan driver who offers to carry the last batch of passenger for free.

The last-bus is the one you beg the driver to charge about 2x or 3x the original fare and still thank him when you get off.

The last-bus is the one you know you’re lucky to be on board because it just saved you from paying through the nose to grab a cab.

The last-bus is the one that might go beyond the designated last stop and drop you very close to home because the last-bus is being driven by the last trotro driver!

The last-bus is the last bus that just left, just when you decided to buy bread and fried eggs!

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