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GMAT coming back to Ghana?

The good news is that the GMAT might be coming back to Ghana after all.

I got a lead from a buddy that another assessment company in Accra (stationed in the TOTAL House, formerly called MOBIL House) will soon be in charge of the GMAT in Ghana.

A call to Linear Assessment Ghana Limited, organizers of the SAT, TOEFL? and GRE yielded some good? news. I’ll leave their response to you to figure out if the GMAT is coming back or not.


“Call back in 2 weeks or the end of month to check if our place is a centre.”

I’m sure to call them back in 2 weeks time and keep you posted but just in case you want to get up-to-date information, you can check them up on their website or call them on +233-(0)242686782.

In the meantime,  all the best with your studies!


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