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A life so good it had to be short, eternally

I prayed for you before I met you. I prayed with passion for you because of love. Now you are no more, my love.

I sought news of your recovery. I always prayed more after every news. Sometime because things had gotten worse. Sometimes because things were getting better.

I was impatient for my love. I was impatient to see your smile. I was impatient to see that pose. They talked about your picture poses and your smile. One combination always stood out. Your trademark pose. Left leg out, arms akimbo and smile engaged.They showed me all of them. I loved them.

I prayed with passion for you. I prayed with love. I even drew a fish for you. I had to color it pink in some places because of Hello Kitty. I came to love Hello Kitty too. My Hello Kitty lover, you always smiled.

I finally met you and you smiled at me. Like Jesus to a child.

Even when you couldn’t move you put food on the table for all of us. You had goodies around you. You attracted good things. Yes, like Hello Kitty. And that manicure and pedicure big sister did for you. You always had the best things.

You had a special love for Jesus. You wanted to be a teacher, just like Him. You had mum, dad, big brother and big sisters and their love.

Who did you give that beautiful coat of many colors to? Who can wear it? Who did you bequeath that smile to? Who will win all the many friends with your smile? Who will we love like we did you, with passion? Who will love us like you did us, with passion?

We couldn’t let you go. We felt too torn to let you go. Everybody cried. I cried too. People brought their friends to come see you my love. It was beautiful. Your life was beautiful. It is all the more beautiful because they made you an example. They made you an angel here and in eternity.


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