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Laugh a Minute – make it a Late Night show

David Oscar can tell jokes, no doubt and he can do nice mimes to go with them.

I think on the 4th September (yesterday) for the first time on Ghana television (Viasat1), a presenter used “SHIT!” and got the *beep*. Guess who did? David Oscar!!!

After getting his *beep*he flashed his nice set of teeth and I bet it was mischief I saw in his eyes (the kind that goes like ‘Yes I did it, I said SHIT on TV when KSM, Fritz Baffour hadn’t…cool!!’

Back to my point, Late night(10pm/11pm-ish) shows like Jimmy Kimmel’s do not necessarily contain explicit or R-rated content but are so timed because they are still inappropriate for kids.

Now I mentioned KSM and Fritz because they brought satire and live comedy to the GH and I support their shows running when kids are awake because they are satiric and ‘intelligent’ jokes. Isn’t it fun to watch a vulganizer sign reading ‘Borganiser Here’ on KSM’s show with your younger siblings and take the opportunity to ask them how it is spelt correctly?

Do the mental comparison and take action.

Once again, Will you want your child to laugh when someone falls or you want them to say sorry like well mannered kids are supposed to?

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