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Craigslist gh – Gold bar and dust for sale GHS999999

An observation!!

I’ve been prowling on Craigslist lately in search of affordable accommodation as I made plans to relocate and was drawing my budget.

Just recently I checked to see if any interesting rooms were available but I was automatically redirected to Craigslist gh and I must say I was pleasantly surprised to find my sweet ACCRA has its own corner on craigslist.

This surprise was soon replaced by a knowing smile when I saw that about a quarter of the postings were either “gold for sale”, “gold bar and dust for sale” or some other combination of the words ‘sale’ and ‘gold’ and/ or ‘diamond’.

Shaking my head, I said to myself –


Now, if you’ve been following some of the international press corporations, you might be aware of some allegations Craigslist faced for its usage as an escort service (and the ban of its such usage in the USA). There’s been a recent case of a stalker/killer who used Craigslist to pick his victims.

To keep it’s numerous users aware of the lurking dangers of meeting people to conclude sales, exchanges and just meet up, there are a number of Alerts –

on the homepage.

But after seeing all the gold and precious mineral sales offers, I believe for Craigslist Ghana there should be a special alert..something that reads:

  • To purchase gold or any precious minerals in Ghana, please contact PMMC!!

Can we say it is only a matter of time before the stories of scams will start filtering in?

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