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Tigo Number One – What a lame commercial or did I miss the joke?

Tigo Number One. TIGO again!!

So this guy walks into a crowded room/ pub and calls out to his (ex) girlfriend and does a monologue (addressing her).

“Gina, I know what I did was wrong: going out with your cousin on Sunday. And what I did with your best friend is unforgivable…[pause with a quizzical/ sheepish look on his face]…but you’ll admit she’s hot.
But you’re my Tigo Number One and I don’t want to let you go.

[The boyfriend makes to turn around  and looks beseechingly at ex-girlfriend]

Ex-girlfriend, (who all this while had a frown on her face) suddenly unfolds her crossed arms and leans on balustrade and smiles at the boyfriend (obviously reconciling).

Did I forget to mention the 3 (read Ed, Edd and Eddy) guys in mismatching jackets and beanies were egging the girl on to accept the boy back? Those guys surely look like scumbags….really looked out of place in this commercial although I understand they were only playing cameo….but they were so (SMH).

I’m left asking myself:

Was the boyfriend’s theatrics convincing enough to win his girl back?
Was the (ex)girlfriend that gullible?
Does Tigo Number One mean something else that we mortals (other than those in the commercial) are not getting?

IS IT POSSIBLE I MISSED THE JOKE? Being that the ‘boyfriend’ is a popular comedian(Stars of the Future fame).

Let me know what you think if you’ve seen this commercial.

PS. I’ll Edit the post with actual conversation by close of week!

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