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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is only for right hand use

I’ve been using the new Kindle Paperwhite for close to a month now. It seems to be a good replacement for my 3 year old Kindle 3 (with keyboard)  which died on me one cold winter night – just when I needed it the most.

The ability to read without any lights on in the room at night is what makes the Kindle Paperwhite amazing. I’d pay for that any day. Thanks Amazon!

kindles in dark room

It is an upgrade in some ways and not so much in other ways. Actually, it is a retrogression in some ways.

It’s super responsive touch screen interface is a winner and I love the virtual keyboard.

However, nothing prepared me for the fact that I couldn’t listen to MP3s or play audiobooks on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. I miss that about the Kindle 3.

The fact that I can’t plug my earphone into my Kindle Paperwhite is a no, no.

Today I discovered another issue about the Kindle Paperwhite while  on my way from school – the Paperwhite is best suited for holding [and reading] using the right hand.


I had moved the Kindle from my right hand to my left hand to read but realized that in order to tap the [the right side of the] screen to move forward/ progress through the ebook, I had to stretch my left thumb all across the screen to tap there. Or I had to m0ve my Kindle into my right hand just to easily tap the screen to progress.

Once again the Kindle Paperwhite is beaten by the Kindle 3 because it offers the convenience to progress through an ebook whether it is being held in the right hand or the left hand.

DSC02011 DSC02010


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Please no ringback music….just give me a ringback tone

Ring back music or caller tunez by MTN were all the rave when they were introduced to the Ghanaian mobile telecommunication market. For a brief while I was hooked (never activated any on my phone); eager to listen to what nice song will be played whiles I wait for the person to pick the call.

Recently however, my reaction towards ringback music has changed drastically. I usually grimace or involuntarily pull the phone from my ear when some song or the other starts blaring through my phone’s speaker. When I think about it, I suspect it is because I am getting more impatient and don’t want to mix business calls with some party music like the one in the Vodafone advert featuring EAZZY.

Ironically, my reaction is the exact opposite of that of the young man in the Vodafone advert; I actually heave a sigh of relief when my calls are picked up, escaping further auditory attack from the harsh tunes that hit my eardrum when my calls connect.

I fear I consider someone unprofessional and inconsiderate when they have caller tunes playing simply because most of the songs are too loud and inappropriate for any kind of business and most caller tunes users do not know what songs play when people call them.

Please just give me a standard ringback tone…..nothing fanciful for me, no sire! no ma’am!


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