My 2010 in review

So 2010 started as usual with tons of resolutions made in the dying minutes of 2009. Top on the list was to go to graduate school.
But 2010 had a mind of its own. It’s been a potpourri of blessings and mishaps but taken together the pluses outweighed the minuses.

1. I resigned my position as deputy project manager.
2. Lost my place in my MBA class.
3. My trusted single-boot Linux Ubuntu Laptop broke.
4. Landing a new job was tough for a cost analyst turned project manager.
5. Decided to work with my best friend at his Test Preparation school as tutor/project manager for his start-up.
6. Started blogging about trotro and public transportation after selling my car.
7. Learned first hand that teaching is a spiritual/emotional journey and self-employment is a must-experience.
8. Met the most engaged set of people in Ghana. #ghanablogging members have plans, taken action and are using words to make an impact.
9. Made an atheist friend and made 2 vegetarian/vegan friends. They’re bloggers and represent the diversity of #ghanablogging members.
10.Got a job but didn’t take it; employers were arrogant SOBs – lost my best friend over the whole affair.


11. Got a 2-hour notice to go for an interview. I failed to make it and didn’t get another opportunity..Such corporate arrogance!


12. Got admission to grad school again, better funding this time around.


13. Lost my camera after going out for first time in about 2 weeks.


14. I’m blogging for the last time this year, happens to be the first time in about 2 months….


2011 is all sketched in my head, God will put in the colours!!


~~~~to be pulled down after 1 week~~~~

  1. #1 by Graham Knight on January 1, 2011 - 10:12 am

    That is a mixed bag. But making an atheist friend must be the best thing on the list! lol

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