Who do you want to be on twitter?

I’ve been following some interesting people on twitter, some individuals, some organisations and recently a lot of engaged active Ghanaians. It has been informative and fun on twitter and I’m enjoying every bit of it.

What I have realised is that depending on who or what you are, you approach twitter differently. Everyone on twitter has something written or unwritten that shapes their ‘behaviour’ – tweets on this ever popular social networking platform.

I will want to categorize users into 3 groups (4 if you want to count spammers or irregular users):

1. Individuals (with personal values)

– These category of twitter users have a personal identity that often translates into the people they follow.

– They often tweet/ retweet about their hobbies and typically follow a lot of personal friends, Category 2 and 3 people

– They also make new friends and [even] keep (thread) conversations going on twitter

A maxim for this group: If you want to know a person, check the people she is following on twitter

2. Public Organisations, News Agencies and Customer Service departments [of companies]

– These category of twitter users represent a VERIFIABLE company, agency or department

– They often tweet NEW INFORMATION with (tiny)URL directing to their (corporate or news) website

– They usually follow very few people (often limited to similar institutions) but have a large following depending on whether they cover a country, locality or international

– They only respond to tweets according to laid down internal communication procedures

– They are often retweeted among Category 1 people

3. Celebrities

– These category of twitter users can range from highly engaged or passively giving information to their followers

– They often tweet (tiny)URLs to sites that publish stories about them, post pictures or information about their upcoming events

– They have a huge following and often follow other celebrities and retweet other celebrities

– They are often retweeted among Category 1 people and get support or hate messages

4. Spammers or Irregular users

– They often follow too many people on twitter and have very few tweets

…………………………………End of Part 1………………………………..

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