BUSTED! Too much information on public transportation

I’ve had 2 interesting experiences these past few days and it just occurred to me that most of us have been taking a lot for granted. I’ve always noted this but it really hit me over the weekend.

Case 1: I was in [front] a cab with 3 women [from a funeral] in the back talking about another lady. In summary, this lady was shagging her best friend’s husband for 10years until the house-maid reported to a neighbour, who helped to ‘catch’ her pants down with the husband of her friend. At one point drawing the driver and I into the conversation, ribbing us about how men can be ‘wicked’.

Case 2: I was in the back of a trotro and this man in the middle seat is talking about the money he was going to deliver to another person. Apparently he was running late. [Not unlike the MTN man calling his burger friend]

Let us look at Case 1:

Anyone who cared to learn the identity of the cheating friend and husband could have found them with the amount of information the ladies were throwing around in the cab.

I gathered the general area of residence of the chatting ladies. Where the subjects of the story lived, their business place and [the fact] that the cheating woman in question was in the business of sleeping around.

Why would anyone discuss such a sensitive issue (bothering on) defamation with total strangers using real names, locations etc.?


Case 2

Who ever does that? Who talks about the amount of money they’re carrying? Any person on the bus could have sent a text message to get him waylaid. Why did he have to mention that he was carrying money, the amount and where he was supposed to meet his friend? Couldn’t he have simply sent a text message?

People who use public transport often give out too much information wittingly or unwittingly

1. Talking on cellular phones

2. Chatting with a friend on the trotro or taxi

3. Chatting with a taxi driver about personal issues/ problems or unwittingly talking money-matters in a taxi. [Taxi drivers have been known to lead armed robbers to houses of people they picked up]

We have to be able to determine whether it is ‘safe’ to discuss something in a public setting or not. Because like in all things we have a choice to make and in this case it is a choice to protect personal information. A decision that might even save your life and property.

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  1. #1 by suel on November 3, 2010 - 7:34 pm

    As for the money issue. I doubt it is true. I experienced one way back on a cab… The guy was mentioning $10k and stuff.. And I was sitting directly behind him.. Just to see him end d call and scroll thru his call list.. Funny thing I found was that he was calling 124 and 111 all the time.. Don’t know who he wanted to impress.. People with real money just keep quiet..

    As for the cheating lady and such convo… Well I guess its all part of the troski culture.. If u can’t beat them, join them…

  2. #2 by hollatainment on November 3, 2010 - 10:42 pm

    Now that was certainly something to laugh about. Are you sure there was no beautiful girl sitting next to you? On the flip side of trying to impress other passengers is putting himself at risk.

    Somethings are for trotros only!!

  3. #3 by Graham Knight on November 3, 2010 - 10:55 pm

    People can also get careless on facebook too – giving out their location and even revealing arguments with family members!

  4. #4 by hollatainment on November 3, 2010 - 11:32 pm

    Sometimes I read some posts and I wonder what the person wants his/her Facebook friends to do. Facebook is for sharing pictures, the stories behind them and a few personal updates that your friends can safely know.

    I’m sure you know my position on using Foursquare

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