Laugh a Minute – PG13?

I’ve been watching too much TV lately. Viasat1 is fast becoming the channel of choice. David Oscar (you know, that dude who did the Tigo Number 1 commercial?) and Laugh a Minute, NICE, well not really. The funny videos are so stale and were viral some 10 or so years back, but still guarantees a good laugh. I’ve been laughing along with him since the premier BUT I fear I am becoming a sadist every time I laugh at someone bonking their head or slipping? After a long good laugh, I ask myself, ‘What was funny about that fall? Was it really funny, someone falling? I actually think Oscar is feeding my sadistic tendencies by giving me a daily supply of masochistic/home accidents/recreational accidents caught on video. But how can I fault myself when the studio audience always respond with a rapturous laughter? How can’t I follow suit? Isn’t laughter infectious? I’m sure some clueless parents don’t realize this programme should have a PG13 rating and I shudder to imagine some kid watching unsupervised will laugh at his colleague’s misfortune in school and get a good scolding or lose a good friendship. Will you want your kid to laugh when someone falls? or rather say sorry like well mannered kids should? PS. A bird whispered in my ears that I’ve been laughing with an automated electronic audience.

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