Of Troski, Charley and other ‘Ghanaian’ words v1.0

Actually this is not about Troski, it is actually about Ghanaian words that are a subtle blend of English and Local(Twi, Akan, Ewe) words or adopted foreign words.

Indulge me if I start of this list with Troski, after all this blog is 80%? Trotro stories.

Troski – An anglicized colloquium for TroTro. I think it actually sounds good when it pops up in a conversation and draws the attention of an uninitiated Ghanaian Pidgin speaker. My question has always been why TroTro has to be Troski instead of Tros? You know, like how TingiTingi is called Tingis (for University of Ghana horde).

Is Troski an innovative word? YES! I just wish someone will take credit for it so I can get answers to a couple of questions. For now I will bet it is a name adopted from the Balkans.

Charley – Of English origin, adopted, groomed and nurtured by the Gas, literally walked into our homes(Charley wote – rubber flip flops). Now every Ghanaian guy is Charley. After hearing “Charley, what dey happen”?, “Charley, make we go” in reference to just about every male, some international students have been known to have made these observations. “Every Ghanaian male is called Charley”, “I see there are so many Charleses in this country?” ….Classic Ghanaian LOL moments. DUDE(read Charley), that is Ghanaian for dude!!….LOL

Do or should gals refer to themselves as Charley? Can someone invent something interesting for the gals?

Massa(Master)/Boss – I find something interesting about these two words when used as ‘Ghanaian’ words. They are often used in reference to just about any man. Do I smell false modesty (which, btw, is half the price of pride) or just an uninformed usage of the words? How can an uneducated guy be under the illusion of being a Master or a Boss?(Unless they’re running their own gig). And before you seize my laptop, doesn’t the previous statement prove that Ghanaian guys are eternally stroking their ego?

Did I mention Kwesi Pratt Jnr. is the ‘father of Massa(Master)’ in Ghana?

To be continued…………….

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