Naming conventions – What is writing is writing

I love to read bumper stickers and lettering on the back of buses. I grew up seeing the philosophical ones like ‘life is a war’, ‘suro nipa'(translated: fear human beings/ fear man). There is the ever popular one in Ghanaian lore – ‘Sea Never Dry’, which can be found only on the very old Albion buses that (used to?) ply the Kaneshie-Korle Bu route…vintage trotros those ones.

The new breed of lettering and messages on the back of trotros are in a world of their own. The fonts are as interesting as is the message they carry. There are those that extol virtues like ‘Love’, those that quote scriptures like ‘Jeremiah 33:3’ and those that are a cross between philosophical and errrr unintended grammatical error like in the picture – WHAT IS WRITING IS WRITING.

I will be carrying the camera around to get some interesting shots of even more interesting stickers/letterings.

Ps. After discussing my blog with a friend(Suel) he shared the most interesting story with me. It goes this way: On his way back home tired and frustrated in a traffic jam from Malam Junction to Awoshie, a trotro sped by in the wrong lane in a hurry to get to the Malam station. After about some 30mins of bumper to bumper crawling-speed Suel gets to the Malam junction to see this bus pulled over by the police and at the lettering/sticker on the back of the trotro was PATIENCE. How ironic!!

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