TROTRO – The Introduction

The TROTRO is the average Ghanaians second home. An estimated 2 hours is spent on the trotro for any worker who commutes by this means of public transport.
Needless to say it is a part of our lives and does have an impact on our mood, our view of the world etc. There is always some drama going on at the trotro station, in the trotro bus and not to forget the driver and his mate.

To any stranger trotros might seem to be unregulated and craziest means of transport around but I can assure you that there is some order in this chaos. Fares are well known and well fought over in buses if the mate tries to pull a fast one, there are bus terminals where queues are respected in case of shortage of buses. Besides these, everything else is run by the driver, his mate and the passengers and that makes for an interesting blend that can spark fights or remain uneventful.

But anyone who ever rode on a trotro more than once will most probably have a story to tell. You can come for a refund of your time reading to this point if you were never intrigued by a trotro or a trotro ride. I bet even the pampered lot out there who never rode on a trotro have their own tales to tell. From being rudely crossed by a trotro eager to get a passenger before the other driver gets them to the occasional trotro-scratch-BMW cases.

The roads wouldn’t be any fun without trotro drivers. They actually add spice to this life. They are the reason we take all the defensive driving lessons (ergo, the driving schools wouldn’t have been so many and doing so much business), they make me feel like a better driver just looking at the way they pull over the shoulder of the road to pick a fare or enter the road with wanton disregard for other road users and oh how I like it when they give signals of police barriers ahead to help us kill the speed before the police pull us over to extort some Ghana Cedis (if you’ve been to these parts before, you know the rap).

If you hear more than 3 sharp blurts of the horn, chances are the trotro driver is trying to get your attention or even distract your attention. The tooting of their horns have messages embedded but no two drivers will give the same interpretation to same combination of tooting. There is no trotro Morse Code on the road.

It is always a love and hate relationship and trotros and everything that comes with it surely is no exception.

Welcome to the official TROTRO BLOG!

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  1. #1 by Tiffany on July 19, 2010 - 11:40 pm

    lol. I can only imagine! Engaging blog post. 🙂

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